Do I have Anxiety?

Do I have Anxiety?

Do you ever think…why am I feeling this way? Why am I worrying about this? Logically I know this is okay… Do I have anxiety?

Sometimes we can break our thresh-hold and let worries take over our minds. We feel like our skin is crawling. Sometimes you might even feel like you are having a heart attack. IF YOU DO, GO TO THE DOCTOR, but if your heart is fine then it might be anxiety.

If you are having physiological symptoms I would totally recommend going to a doctor for a full check up to make sure that your heart and health are fine. If you check out at the doctors office then it could be anxiety.


I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you if you have anxiety. But if you are healthy and have the symptoms of nervousness, anxiousness or anxiety, I can help. I can help you find ways to deal with the symptoms. Because you know what? I have suffered from anxiety and along the way I have found some tried and true tips and tricks to get through the day and still feel sane!

Here are some great resources that you might want to read in addition to this article if you are still trying to figure things out. I like to read articles from places that I trust and I trust Mayo Clinic…so here is a link to their information. Anxiety disorders – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic.

So, Do I have Anxiety? Maybe/Maybe Not…Treat the Symptoms

When I feel like I am slightly out of control with my stress level, or worries I lean on everyday items that make a huge difference. For instance, certain teas make a massive difference. They change how I feel when I am worried about something or I can’t get a hold of my family.

So, what I have done is create a Quick Tips & Tricks to Crush Nerves, Worries and Anxiety! You can get you copy just by clicking the link! Some are instant crisis averted tricks and others are things you can do over time. Like living gluten free…its really hard but will totally help you if you are having issues with feeling stressed, nervous and anxious (anxiety).

Nevertheless, stress, worries and the “A” word are real. And even though I can’t tell if you absolute have them, I can help you deal with the symptoms. I hope you will join me!

In addition,

Live without fear ya’ll!

Always, Bridget

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