Are you lucky or blessed

Do you believe you are lucky or blessed?

Do you believe you are lucky or blessed? Or do you belive you have no luck at all? I believe we can find the blessings in all situaltions if we just change our perspective.

You see this Lucky St. Patty’s day morning everything was going as normal. The boys were dragging and not really wanting to go to school. The dogs needed fed, but were gracious as their bowls. The ferret patiently waited his turn because she knew how school mornings go. However, all were dressed in green and as usual, and we all made it out the door.

The first hiccup was that when we crossed the creek (yes we have to cross a creek on our gravel road to get to town) the “check the gages” light popped on. However, it quickly turned off so no worries right. No big deal. Now it is two and a half miles down our gravel road.

The boys and I are discussing what is happening that day. We get out on the highway and no traffic to get behind! Wow this is our lucky day…maybe we beat the bus lol.

But then it happens, we hear a rattling. So, I pull over at the neighbors to put it in reverse and make sure the four-wheel-drive kicked out. Seems to be fine. We pull back out on the highway and there still seems to be something a little wrong. My fifteen-year-old and I decided we needed to get that checked out when….

Kuthud! And, wobble, wobble, wobble…we must have had a blow out! We roll to a stop just off an intersection. No blow out! Out entire wheel has dislodged. There are no lugnuts to be found. Stuck on the side of the road and now late for work and school.

Wanna know what the blessings were?

  1. I had cell service which doesn’t always work where we were located. Amen!
  2. My “I adopted him a long time ago” brother drove by on his way to work and offered to drive us! Amen! And, after looking at it said no big deal, just need some lugnuts….
  3. No major damage!!!! Amen!
  4. We were all safe!!!! Amen!
  5. The bus driver on our route stopped and offered us a ride too and to check on us! Our community is awesome! Amen!

See five major blessings from God and that is just the ones I can think of right now 🙂 So, are you lucky or blessed or have no luck at all?

Now I know I could have looked at it all negatively, but I chose not to. I chose to look for the blessings in my circumstance and in my day and in the people in my life.

You may say it was bad luck, or maybe good luck, but I say it was everyday blessings from up above 🙂

Live without fear ya’ll!

Always, Bridget

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