How to treat a sinus infection DIY

How to treat a sinus infection…DIY

Do you suffer from constant sinus infections or clogged ears? Do your allergies run havoc in your head? Well, here is how I treat a sinus infection that has kept me from having to go to the doctor for them for over two years!

I am not a doctor, these are only methods that I have found helpful at stopping sinus infections in their track!


DIY…treat a sinus infection instructions

I have to admit that I am an oiler. I use them in my diffuser, on my skin and I take them orally. My favorite brand is young living and those are the only brand that I take orally. However, I do use other brands that I can pick up locally for topical or aromatherapy use when I run out.

That said the treatment I am going to tell you about is an oral treatment that I use. So I would recommend using young living oils.

What You Need

#1 Vegetable Capsules: Used to hold the oil that you plan to take.

#2 Frankincense Oil: Known for it’s healing properties

#3 Thieves Oil: Known for eliminating viruses

#4 Oregano Oil: Known for its antibiotic properties.

How To Make “The Antibiotic Oil Bomb”

First, you will open a vegetable capsule. Second, I like to drop two drops of Frankincense oil into the largest end of the capsule. Third I place six drops of Oregano oil inside. Next, I place eight to ten Thieves drops inside, depending on what the capsule will hold. Last, place the smaller end of the capsule over the larger one to hold the oils inside.

Taking Your Oil Bomb

After you have made your antibiotic bomb you can now take it like you would any other pill. Sometimes I will wait six hours and take another one. Usually, two of these bombs will knock a sinus infection out if caught early.

Quick Tips To Crush Nerves, Worries & Anxiety


If you suffer from infections due to allergies, oils are a great option to treat a sinus infection. I hope you have found this article helpful and if you are interested in getting involved more heavily with oils and would like to purchase a kit you can do so HERE!

Live without FEAR ya’ll!

Always, Bridget

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