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Top 5 Reasons To Attend a Women’s Conference

Do your friends constantly invite you to attend their church women’s conference but you just never seem to be able to fit it into your schedule? Well, here are the top 5 reasons you should make time to attend.

Recently, I was able to attend my first woman’s conference because it was held in my hometown, and in the church, I was raised in. Normally these events seem to happen miles away and always while something else is going on. Well, this year my husband did basketball duty and we skipped going to market so that I could attend the conference.

So, here are my reasons why you should build a woman’s conference into your schedule soon!

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#1 Reason to attend a woman’s conference

Fellowship! How often in our day to day lives do we actually plan a time to just sit and visit with the women in our lives? I don’t know about you but it doesn’t happen very often for me. There is always something pressing happening in my life.

And, many of these events plan time for just that! Fellowship with other women just like you. Lunch served to you and you have time to visit and enjoy!

#2 Renewal

Just like a day at the spa renewing our bodies, our spirit needs moments of renewal too. Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective and a renewed purpose, and that is exactly the mission of a woman’s conference.

#3 Get into God’s Word

It is noted that there is power in the word of God. And, we need to get deep into the word of God. I can’t tell you how many bible verses I wrote down during my conference to refer back to. The speakers took us right into the word of God. So, this is a fabulous reason to get to a conference. In fact, if getting into the word is a struggle for you…this is a great place to get you started! You might also want to check out my favorite devotionals here!

#4 Find Support

The purpose of a women’s conference is to teach, grow and support those women seeking a life with the lord. Therefore, if you are in need of spiritual support what better place to go to be surrounded by women who eagerly wish to support you.

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#5 Being Served

As women, we are generally the caretakers in our family’s lives. We juggle a bunch of balls in the air and I’m not going to lie…it is exhausting. I’m also not going to lie about how wonderful it was to have my car parked for me, my door opened for me and food served to me and every little detail of the day pre-taken care of so that you could focus on all the other things 😉

It was truly a wonderful experience, attending my first women’s conference. And, I hope you will look into one in your future!

Live with out FEAR ya’ll!

Always, Bridget

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