5 Awesome Devotionals that will change your life!

5 Awesome Devotionals that will change your life!

Are you always looking for inspiration? Maybe your looking for a little pick me up to get you through the day? Or maybe you are looking for ways to grow and inspire your kids? If that is the case check out these 5 awesome devotionals that will change your life!

My Number One Devotional Book Pick

The first devotion is one that I use regularly and have had for a long time. It is also named after something we all want and need. That word is hope. The book is called “Hope for each day: Words of Wisdom and Faith” by Billy Graham.

This is my usual first go to devotional book. I seem to gravitate to it for some reason. I guess we are always looking for hope and God’s word gives us that. It inspires me each day with a message that pushes me through. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Quick Tips To Crush Nerves, Worries & Anxiety

My ultimate devotional pick for boys and super hero loving girls

So, my husband and I were on a quick weekend trip and I ran out of hearing aid batteries. Yes, I am young and have hearing aids. Too many deep dives into the river as a kid, but I digress. We stopped to pick them up at this adorable little pharmacy along the way, where a book caught my eye near the counter. I just had to buy it.

Even I love to read the devotions in “The Superheroes Devotional For Kids!

This devotional is based on the Marvel super heroes and how they relate to the stories in the bible. It also gives kids an everyday message that they can use to get through life today. It is an amazing little book that my kids love for me to read to them, especially when we are all in the car together.

The Incredible Hulk story about controlling anger is their ultimate favorite…you will have to check it out if you buy the book.

My backup Devotional Book….Almost tied for first place

Jesus Calling devotionals are amazing. They come in several different genres and mine is well used. It is the one I read second. I usually read my Hope book and then I check to see what Jesus Calling has in store for me that day too. Its great to have a couple books, because one might not hit on the issue you are having that day. But almost always one of them will hit on something apparent to you.

Ironically, Jesus calling seems to get me through my work day trials and tribulations. It is an amazing resource that should be in ever Christians arsenal to combat the world we live in.


Digital App

Okay, so this one isn’t a book. But it is a devotional that I love because he sends me notifications on my phone. It has a verse of the day and you can chose short devotionals on any subject to come to your daily notifications. The app I love the most is the YouVersion of the Holy Bible.

The other great thing about this app is choosing your personal version of the bible. Hense, the YouVersion. Everyone needs a resource like this on their phone for daily inspiration and crisis days. Absolutely love this app.

In addition, you can download it for free through amazon, google play store, etc, and connect with YOUVERSION through:

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Take Away My Worries Lord

This is a devotional that I just found, but is exactly what I was looking forward for in a devotional for me. If you grab this one, let me know if it helps you too. So, for those of us who struggle with worries and fear….check out the “Worry Less, Pray More: A Woman’s Devotional Guide to Anxiety-Free Living.”

I’m super excited about using this book this year.


These are the devotionals that I use regularly and the last on I’m planning on using regularly. I hope they can give you the help and inspiration you need, just as they have helped and inspired me.

Live without fear friends!

Always, Bridget

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