GOD really can do the impossible

God still does the impossible

Do you ever think that God used to heal, but maybe he doesn’t now. Or maybe you think God used to walk on water but doesn’t now. Not in today’s time. Well, trust me, God still does the impossible.

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The Impossible

Sometimes I think it is all about how you think about something.

So this is what happened. I had to take my youngest son to the dentist an hour and a half away. My car was in the shop, so I borrowed my mother’s Mustang for the trip.

On the way home, I looked over as my son was rolling down the window. I thought oh goodness I need to tell him not to spit his gum out the window because it’ll get on the side of my mom’s car. But before I could say anything he leaned forward to spit it out with my cell phone in his hand and I watched it fall. I was going 65 miles an hour down the interstate.

My first thought was oh my goodness I’m in debt up to my eyeballs I can’t afford to buy another phone. My second thought was my son is extremely distraught and upset and very sorrowful and I don’t want to make this mistake any worse than it was. And, it was an accident.


I quickly pulled over and hopped out of my car and walked backwards towards where we were coming from. In my head I was praying, please dear Lord let me find my phone in one piece. I was starting to think that there was no hope when I spied two black pieces just up ahead. I quickly realized that the case was in the middle of the highway and the phone was off to the shoulder. But to my surprise, the phone was only scratched on the corners. There were no cracks on the screen and the camera was fine.

And He Thanked Him

When I got back to my son and showed him the phone he said oh thank you God for saving me. So you see it’s all in how you look at it. To an eight-year-old God just did The Impossible. And he thanked him for it.

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