God Really Can Unlock Doors

God Can Unlock Doors…Really

Do you believe? Do you believe in everyday miracles? Is it luck or do you see the blessing in the day? Well, I am here to tell you God can unlock doors…literally 😉

When you need unlocked

One day a friend of mine had a student come into her class terribly upset, because her keys were locked in her car and she did not have the spar set. They were in her glove box. She was worried about how mad her father would be. She was also simply worried about how she was to get her keys out of the car.

Her dad was on his way, but she asked her teacher, my friend, for help. The teacher said “We are going to pray about it”. The look on the girls face said “Did you hear what I just said, my keys are locked in my car.” But nonetheless, they prayed together. Then, in a moment the girl got a call on her cell phone. Phones aren’t actually allowed in school, but because it was her dad on the line and with the circumstances the teacher allowed the call.

Ready for goosebumps, her dad called to tell her that all at once, while he was debating what to do, the locks miraculously came up. The call came in right after the teacher and student had gotten done praying. Just another example of everyday miracles or God’s blessings.

Food For Thought

So, what will you chose? Was she lucky or was she blessed? I am going to go with the goosebumps I got when I heard this story, and that God performed a miracle blessing in this young girls life.

May your day be blessed! And may you see the everyday miracles in your life.

Always, Bridget

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