Everyday Miracle about Debt

God Can Heal Debt

Have you been carrying a financial burden? Is there a debt hanging over your head? Do you believe? Well, God can heal debt.

My Personal Debt Miracle

In January 2009 I gave birth to our daughter. I had just met my deductible in the prior December and then had to re-meet my deductible, so my insurance hadn’t covered much to this point. I was in the hospital 8 days and my daughter 4.5 until her death.

The Stress

Already stressed and grieving a few months later all the bills started coming in. I couldn’t handle seeing all the bills with her name on them. It was just too much. So, I put them all on my credit card. I racked up around 12,000.00 in credit card debt. Oh my goodness right. What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking with my emotions not logic. And I wasn’t leaning on God for it either.

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Unfortunately, that wasn’t were it stopped. Later, I received a bill for over a hundred thousand dollars. It stated that the insurance and social security were basically battling it out and that it could become my responsibility.

I freaked out. How could I afford that on my teaching salary. I tried to put it away, but finally broke down and told my mom. My mom gave me some great advice. “They can’t eat you.” and “Turn it over to God and quit worrying about it.” Well, that is what I did.

But then I got another bill. Same message. So, I told myself my mom’s advice again. “They can’t eat me and turn it over to God and quit worrying about it.” Okay, I got this. I prayed about it. I got those letters for five years.

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The Miracle

Every time I got one I got anxious, but through trust and prayer, God fixed it (in his own time, not my time). After five years, I never received another letter and that has been five years ago as I’m writing this post. (Our daughter would be 10.)

God took away my debt and you’ll be glad that with a little Dave Ramsey I fixed the credit card debt too (snowball people). God is Good my friends.

Always, Bridget

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